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You drew a moon and now you missed the day.

without pity, fool!
14 August
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welcome to im_so_awkward's icon/layout/desktop journal!

i ask only a few things of you!

plz remember to credit! don't know how? here is LJ's FAQ answer. here are the rest of the FAQ just in case you need any help.
if that doesn't help you, here is a nice visual! Image hosting by Photobucket

also, it would be great if you could comment! i love to know what you think! i know my icons are simple... but sometimes getting to the point is all you need for a great icon!

and last, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't hotlink!
Photobucket is a great place to upload pictures. and? it's free! woohoo :)

alright. so please feel free to browse the memories. also, everything is tagged! so if you see something you like, click the tag and see more of the same category.

i don't have a set date for when i update. it's just when i have a new batch.

also, please don't alter the icon unless i say its okay. what might appear to be a "base" icon isn't always the case.

requests are ALWAYS open, just comment on any journal entry.

and most of all, enjoy the icons! :D